Group Profile

Oxford Educational Society was formed in 1999 by Sri.S.FRANCIS REDDY garu an outstanding academician and a philanthropist with a vision for sparkling future through promoting educational institutions of excellence which would ensure golden future to students and thus becoming a part of nation building activity.

'OXFORD EDUCATION SOCIETY' through "OXFORD" I.I.T. SCHOOLS "made an immeasurable contribution to the educational scenario and enjoys undisputed leadership in quality education in the state. 'OXFORD' gives top priority for I.I.T. and Medicon, backed up by powerful communication skills, strict discipline and character building.

‘OXFORD’ is built on four pillars of education. 1. Acadamic Excellence 2. Powerful Communication Skills 3. Strict Discipline 4. Noble Character. Oxford is built on these four most important values and nurtures them throughout academic training.