Our Motto : Knowledge is Power
Our Faculty is our greatest Asset :

A respository of knowledge through years of hard work and dedication, our faculty prides itself in bringing out the best from our students. They have, to their credit years of experience and expertise in producing top rankers. Though highly educated, they go through a continuous process of orientation in teaching methodoloyg, and child psychology. The faculty constantly encourages the student to discover and learn through practical experience (through world class science and langauge labs.) In fact our faculty is our greatest asset. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and dedicated post - graduates. Anglo - Indians, Keralities, Tamilians that constitute the expert brigade of teaching professional.

Concept oriented Education :

Concept oriented Education forms the basis for a successful Carrier in Education. The question is not how many lessons one knows byheart but rather how much of the concept one has understood.

Teaching Methodology :

Our teachers use a lot of Visuals while explaining the lesson. The students must see the demonstration of the experiments and should do them by themselves in Science Labs. The students shoulld have the experience of viewing the lessons on the big screen for which you need a Theatre. The students should be able to go out on field trips to experience the real live - projects, the studnets require a big library and a big computer lab with 24 hrs. internet facility. After experiencing the subject in so many ways, one can be sure that even the weakest student can understand the concept without any difficulty.

Ultra Modern Infrastructure :

We are proud to say that Oxford is providing huge science labs, big Theatres, a big library, computer labs and other world class facilities to facilitate concept oriented and stress - free education to students. The whole teaching is backed up by Multi - Media, Computers, CD's and all other high - tech gadgets. Oxford faculty teachers do give the sutdents "Hands on Experience" on every possible subject. This experiential learning process deepens the subject knowledge of the students and makes the learning process interesting and meaningful.