Today in most educational environments, teaching is imparted through conventional means that focus on rote-based learning and not on the assimilation of real knowledge. As a result, students aren’t learning through understanding. In this scenario, the greatest casualty is creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.

This is why Oxford has introduced the all American "DALTON SYSTEM" which helps the students to learn English fast and speak fluently in and out of the school. Fluency in English knocks off cumbersome byhearting or rote based learning or mugging process and in return helps the children to build up the subject in the easiest way possible.

The foundation of communication skills is laid during the childhood itself. Most of the students face impediments like shyness and fear in expressing themselves. However, there are modern tools that can effectively prepare students to communicate and interact effectively.

At Oxford, the best of techniques and tools are applied in helping students to overcome the hurdles in building up communication skills.

Fast Facts :
  • OXFORD Group believes in giving every student a voice of his/her own.
  • Towards this end, it utilises a gamut of communication technologies to help chidren to build communication skills.
  • Confidence building activities like group discussions, elecution and seminars are organised on an on-going basis for sustained results.
  • Creative workshops, new projects and prominent personalities are invited to inspire the students.