They understand, they share, so they can empower.

Oxford understands the tremendous impact that teachers have on a child's growth, development, and personality. All educators are carefully selected to prepare students for life in the new millennium, they come to the classroom with extensive real-world experience. They guide the learning of each child with passion and commitment, from dependence to interdependence with deep knowledge and understanding of their subjects and the curricula offered. They empower students to develop sound learning techniques as well as critical thinking skills and creativity using modern electronic teaching.

gadgets in the classroom. Teachers foster integral connections with curriculum and develop programmes based on student's interests and inquiries; in doing so the students take ownership for their learning and have time to focus on things that matter to them.

The road to reach for the skies has been laid.

Oxford aims to inspire students to realise their full potential as young adults, learners and individuals who can set and attain personal goals. The school will be providing a focused curriculum for the senior students that's highly motivated and meets the prevailing academically challenging and competitive environment. This comprehensive programme offers an insight into the range of subjects studied, the unifying nature of the Theory of Knowledge and the holistic nature of the curiosity, creativity and action through practice. The Cambridge International Programme offered here will benefit students who have plans to pursue further education abroad. A team of well qualified, experienced and certified teachers nurture the students to pursue the path of progress relentlessly.