Oxford's Unique Education Programme - We are Different from Others:

The time is given to the teacher and students to interact with each other during and after school hours.

Mathematical Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Language Labs, Environmental awareness, ensuring safety through a staggered dismissal process.

Using digital class technology with participatory approach as a visual learning aid.

Language development through games and house activities.

Help teacher dominated classrooms convert to teacher facilitated, run in partnership with the children.

From fixed blueprint approaches to flexible timetables that accommodate changing needs, interests and priorities and that tap into a child’s teachable moments.

To build a programme of both support and challenge for the individual child, create intrinsic motivation to succeed, away from external motivators that we so often use.

Instead of viewing schools as providers of content, to see them as providers of service.

Instead of keeping parents out of the door, embrace the effective involvement of parents and the community.

YES, an excellent future for your child is what we promise to deliver. By pushing the boundaries of orthodox education system, by questioning ageold methods of imparting education, by giving young minds the freedom to dream, the inspiration to imagine, and by introducing them to the very idea of excellence, which can transform perceptions, habits, lifestyles, and thus, one’s future. When you want nothing but the best for your child, can you compromise on his/her education with something less than extraordinary? We believe the answer is no. And that’s exactly the reason why we present to you Oxford Education System.

Nine Tenths Of Education is Encouragement