A respository of knowledge through years of hard work and dedication, our faculty prides itself in bringing out the best from our students. They have, to their credit years of experience and expertise in producing top rankers. Though highly educated, they go through a continuous process of orientation in teaching methodology, and child psychology. The faculty constantly encourages the student to discover and learn through practical experience (through world class science and language labs.) In fact our faculty is our greatest asset. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and dedicated post - graduates. Anglo - Indians, Keralities, Tamilians that constitute the expert brigade of teaching professional.

Since 1999, OXFORD I.I.T. School has combined the respect for tradition with a progressive attitude towards the future, academic rigor with a caring heart, and appreciation of the individual with the warmth of a cohesive school community.

Today, in a world where society is increasingly fragmented and polarized, our school remains a community where honesty and integrity matter, humour and hard work are equally important values, and where the process of education is as important as the grade.

Central to our efforts to build an intellectual community is our dedicated faculty. Intensely devoted to the success of their students, the faculty serves as teachers, advisors, mentors, and friends. In every area of school life, the faculty seeks to challenge and inspire students to reach new levels of enquiry and understanding.

We are a school community of high expectations, academic and otherwise. At the same time, we are devoted to helping students develop intellectual, artistic, and personal interests contributing to holistic growth of each individual. I welcome parents and students to be a part of the OXFORD family to share common ideals and aspirations as we build through a challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.