Discovering the JOY OF LEARNING is one of the most amazing steps of early Childhood Education / Child Development. We start to instill the joy of learning in children by teaching them how reading can open the door of opportunity to make their dreams realities.

Our reading lessons are not just educational materials forced fed to children. Our reading lessons focus on making the learning experience that's highly anticipated by children as fun and exciting. Children love to read and learn about things that capture their curiosity and draw them into learning more about the world they live within.

The joy of learning is never about forcing children to read, write or do math. It is about identifying what they are passionate about and turning those passions into wonderful life experiences they can enjoy and grow from.

The joy of learning can bring peace. It can bring adventure into the lives of children. It can help them continuously think outside the box not only to improve their quality of life but also the lives of others in the community.

Oxford never forces reading or learning on a child. Instead, encourage the child to discover the joy of learning and have fun with the process of learning and reap the benefits of mastering an educational lesson.

What we learn with pleasure - We never forget