• Sports develop a sense of friendliness and mental and physical toughness. They improve blood circulation.
  • Sports are integral part of education.
  • Education without sports is incomplete. They contribute in the formation of character and good values.
  • Games and Sports cater to the all-round development of personality of pupils.
  • Sound mind is ensured in a sound body.
  • Sports and games ensure the redirection of surplus of energy of adolescents to fruitful channels.
  • It is training for future. Good sportsmen have promising future to work.
  • So play ground is said to be the "uncovered

  • Music is the Key to Creativity :
  • A Creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations.
  • The greatest minds and thinkers like Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Frank Lloyd Wright all had something in common in that they were constantly exploring their imagination and creativity.
  • The strength of all the Arts including writing, painting, dance, and theater have the ability to create a similar effect.
  • Music is universal Music can whisk you away on an extended journey.

Music Brings People Together :
  • What is amazing about music is that it is imbedded within all of us. Everyone can understand it